Accessing GIS data via the Digimap environment has been a benefit to a diverse range of professions in the islands.

If you feel that your company or organisation could benefit from the application of Digimap data, we are happy to meet to discuss your requirements. Digimap have the resources available to develop bespoke software to incorporate anything from graphic data-charting to workflow and accountancy solutions.

Here is an indication of the range of applications that Digimap has. Many more are possible.

  • Architects
  • Advocates
  • Estate Agents
  • Utilities
  • Emergency Services
  • Delivery Companies
  • Couriers
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Surveyors
  • Taxi Companies
  • Architectural Practices

Examples of some of the systems we have put into place.

Post Office systems

Digimap have produced an integrated single corporate database system for the Jersey Post.The system combines ArcGIS spatial systems with a sophisticated relational address database. Not only does the system store all Addresses in a single central location, but also provides tools for the planning and recording of postal rounds, together with the automatic label production for the postal sorting frames. These are colour coded and use special algorithms to ensure they are labelled for maximum efficiency. The system also provides a range of additional modules for customer service and their OCR.


Using the latest off the shelf ESRI GIS Software together with Microsoft SQL Server, Digimap have created a unique, powerful and highly cost affective schematic system based on ducts, cable and fibres. Originally created for use in the telecoms industry Digimap have also been approached by Universities, airport and harbour authorities and can customise the system to meet varying needs of users.The core to the system is the Duct Space record cards which are computerised to provide powerful searching and linking.The schematics are fully digitised and available on standard PCs using ESRI’s products.Digimap are able to provide a complete service, from the initial data capture to the fully installed finished product, with comprehensive manuals and training.The system also contains multiple integrity checks which report discrepancies in your utility network, something not possible in paper based records.


  • Provide fully digitised utility network connectivity
  • Allow network tracing
  • Identify Distribution Points (DPs) affected as a result of a break
  • Calculate the combined length of ducts
  • Calculate network critical distances e.g. for ADSL2
  • Hold all data once only
  • Use data extracted from 3rd party / legacy systems
  • Computerise the Duct Space Record cards (DSR) in a multi user, secure and audit trailed environment
  • Provide a detailed asset register
  • Use the DSR records to provide the data and labelling of the Schematic diagrams
  • Provide integration between the Duct and Cable Schematics through the Duct Space Record cards
  • Ability to print at multiple scales
  • Advanced searching for Distribution Points (DP’s), Ducts, Cables and Fibres

So, if you would like to have your paper based records digitised, start a new project and require it to be computer based and require an excellent, powerful and affordable system, then contact Digimap.