The system also provides a range of additional modules.

APMS features:

  • OCR – Provides rounds to OCR in walk order via CSV export.
  • CRM – Provides address details in a CSV format export.
  • Postcode finder – Provides address details in a CSV format export.
  • Parcel Routes –  round sorting and creation, address viewing and delivery points id’s.
  • Secure Drop – Safety Hazards, access codes, GPS XY coordinates for safe drops, Audit trail.
  • Batch Sortplan Setup – Create batching to sortplan layout for LSM plans.
  • Deliveries – Address search, Address creation, walk sorting and creation, frame labelling, audit trail, name changes, round management/optimisation of frames, colour coding, resequencing of deliveries, delivery points id’s, PO Box.
  • Intergrates with
    • Mapping – used to plot routes and delivery points using Esri ArcGIS desktop.
    • Routesmart integration app button for imports/exports of deliveries providing mapping information with X,Y coordinates.

For further details, contact Digimap.

APMS Postal users: