Data Prices

Digimap produce the following products and services. If you wish to purchase any of these or require more information please contact Digimap via phone, email or visit us at…

Digimap (Jersey) Ltd, 69 Halkett Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4WG
Tel: 01534 769069


Leisure Map Sample

General Products

Leisure Map (1:25,000) £8.99
Large Photomap (70″ x 100″) £75.00
Medium Photomap (20″ x 16″) £25.00
Small Photomap (14″ x 11″) £12.50




Base Map Sample


DXF/DWG Sample

Jersey ortho ppt2

Ortho Photo Sample







Printouts From
A4/A3 Line Drawing Printout £29.50
A4/A3 Aerial Photo Printout £40.23

A2 Line Drawing Printout £52.00
Bespoke A1 Line Drawing Printout £101.91

We can printout various sizes and modified drawings as bespoke products. Please contact Digimap with your requirements and additional costs.

For Planning Application Location Maps please call the Jersey Office on 01534 769069. We will require the address of the location and your preferred digital paper size (A3/A4) and format (PDF/Jpeg) of the document along with the map scale required.

Payment can be made via credit card over the phone. Once payment is made we can email the location plans to you.

Data Licences and Products
Digital Vector Base Mappping inc. Gazetteer £1,927.15pa
Orthophotos £1,927.15 pa
Digital Base Map and Orthophotos inc. Gazetteer £3,854.28 pa
AutoCAD format DXF Data (1-3 Users) £963.58 pa
AutoCAD format DXF Data (4-11 Users) £1,445.33 pa
AutoCAD format DXF Data (12+ Users) £2,167.82 pa
AutoCAD format DXF Data single 0.5km x 0.5km per tile £168.68 or for two £206.44
Jersey Gazetteer & Address Locator inc. Software £2,091.71 pa
Differential GPS Data Licence for your own machine £5,008.31 pa
Differential GPS machine hire including licence from £165.00 per day, £550.00 per week

Power User Systems
ArcGIS £1,799.00 once off
Annual Support £507.00 pa
Digital Data £3,854.28 pa
Address Locator Systems, from £2,091.71 pa